Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

The corporate quality control is designed with the customer and client project needs in mind. To achieve these objectives the company, design a course of action to optimally meet the challenges and aims and expertise for all our project.

Management Defined As:

  • Abunab Group Commercial Quality Plan addresses quality control and quality Assurance requirement with processes that are continually reviewed and updated.
  • The contract Administration department, along with the as-signed Project Manager are responsible for insuring that all project specifications are strictly followed.
  • In consultation with the customer, examines products, ser-vices and processes for the minimum levels of quality establishment as project starts.
  • Quality control is directed at product, services, and processes, as well as skill set of employees assigned to work on a given project.
  • The ISO quality management system (QMS) is integrated into all critical business processes and decision-making practices.
  • The effectiveness of the (QMS) processes is continuously improved to enhance value to customers and client while strict compliance to all quality standards and regulatory requirement are ensured.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy

We all committed towards our responsibility towards human being by creating, maintaining and ensuring heath safety & environment policy in accordance with the company and environment act. All employees and workers including new recruitment shall be given proper training and understanding for the objectives of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy before placing them in the project.

It is the duty of all to act gracefully with the coworkers and constantly striving towards its goal of achieving objectives for HSE policy for clean, safe & green environment.

Recognizes the vital importance of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) standards in all operations. The company undertakes preemptive measures to minimize on the environment and to eliminate potential harm to workers, customer, client and anyone at the company worksite.

Our Safety Policy States:

  • Our top priority remains the well-being of its employees, those the company serves and the public.
  • Our Health, Safety and Environment objectives are given equal values with other business objectives and will never be compromised.
  • Every employee is made aware of the requirement of our Heath, Safety and Environment Policy.

Those Policies are reflected in individual action as well as processes and procedures employed throughout our group.